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Centralized productivity tool

When it comes to productivity, putting everything we need to do in one place can be beneficial. Having separate tools for your notes, lists, and files is just plain inconvenient, especially if you are up to your ears with tasks. Raya is an app that puts your note-taking, list-making, and file saving in one app. It is an all-in-one tool that you can use to collaborate with your team with zero distractions

Your minimalistic workspace

Raya works as a centralized workspace for you and your team, allowing you to perform various tasks without having to jump from one app to another. By having the app, you can get rid of other productivity apps, such as Slack, Asana, and Notion. The app comes with every tool you need to run your entire business. More, it has a simple and clean UI, so you can work without a lot of distractions. 

Raya allows you to organize your tasks in a list, a calendar, or a kanban view.  Upon launching the app, you can see the to-do list you made, so you can track your progress.  You can add another entry to your list by simply clicking the New Task button on the left side of your screen. With Raya, you also do not need to install and pay for a separate communication tool. With the Updates feature, you can send concise updates to your team. More, you and your team can get your own branded Raya mail

The app also comes with a collective Wiki, which you can use to share notes and docs with your colleagues. Furthermore, there is an easy to use CRM where you can manage your deals, contacts, and all company sales activities. Finally, Raya allows you to manage your cloud storage accounts inside the app. You can also share attachments from these services in Raya updates or inside tasks.  

Get everything done

Minimalism is the core of Raya. The app offers all the tools you need to communicate and collaborate with your team. However, while it is rich in features, the app comes with a clean design that minimizes if not fully removes any distractions. Overall, it is a great tool to have to run an efficient business operation. 


  • Clean and simple design
  • All-in-one productivity tool
  • Custom templates for all tasks, updates, wikis, and emails
  • Dark mode available


  • Does not have a chat function

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Raya 1.0 for PC

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